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Session#1- Moderate By Alexa Wilson

10th May 2020 Session will be Moderated by Alexa Wilson

Please join Session #1 from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Access Code: 163-043-133 

Time – 4:30 PM IST( India)

4:00 PM (Pakistan)

1:00 PM GMT (Europe)


11:00 PM NZST (New Zealand)

Guest Speakers
Joshua Rutter- Berlin -Germany
Dagmar I. Glausnitzer- Smith- Germany
Oliver Connew- New Zealand/ Germany
Manmeet Devgn- Delhi- India

About ModeratorAlexa Wilson-New Zealand

I am an experimental choreographer, performance artist, video artist, writer and curator from New Zealand based in Berlin 10 years. My works range from solo performance art projects, which are are often political and relational (immersive/interactive) to commissioned group choreographies and video projects either directed or collaborative, also political, interdisciplinary and layered. My work while inherently feminist in its underpinnings, relates to intersectional politics inclusive of different themes.I am interested in activation as a form of socio-political healing, embodying difficult and contemporary themes from subjective and multi-dimensional perspectives. I work with paradox, as a generative space for activating hidden “truths” within our societies, with the aim to make space for new understandings. Humour is also present.

Guest Speaker

Joshua Rutter -Berlin- Germany

Contemporary Choreographer ,dancer and Performance artist Live and work in Berlin Germany

GIF from Performance “Habitual Flux” GIF from Artist website

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith- Germany

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith 2000 graduated from Royal College of Art London in 2000 (MA),Goldsmiths’ College in 1994 (BA). 2000-2003 Picker Fellowship Award Kingston University. Artfoundation Germany 2005-2010, organizing international Performance Art Workshops ,international performance events transitstation in London 2003, Berlin 2005, Edinburgh 2006 supported by IFA ,Copenhagen in 2010. 2002 – 2017 Senior Lecturer Kingston University, London specializing in Performance Art.

Most recent selected exhibitions and events

2019 Bangladesh, Dhaka, Live Art Biennale, D’LAB – ‘Mowing Places’, Action No 5 

2019 Germany Braunschweig, BBK Jahresausstellung, durational performance, installation, workshop

2019 Serbia, Novi Sad, facilitated Performance Art Workshop, Live Performance SULUV Gallery

2019 Canada, Edmonton facilitated Performance Art Workshop, Live Performance – Zero Gravity Performance Summit –

2019 Paris, Live Performance Collaboration with Gilivanka Kedzior

2019 Serbia IMAF Live Performances ,Novi Sad and Odžaci

2019 facilitated Workshops India: WUD and LPU Universities, Live Performances and production of Mural at NIVIA SPORTS, Jalandhar

2020 Dhaka, participation ‘Live Activity 2020′ of Dhaka Live Art Biennale, D’LAB, supported Freundeskreis Bildender Künstler Braunschweig, Kunstverein Wolfenbüttel Collaboration with Live Performance and Installation, Croatia Residency

Live Actions and Exhibitions took place in USA, Germany, UK, France, Scotland, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, China, Serbia, Netherlands, India, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Canada

Places for Glausnitzer-Smith’s work concentrate in virtual spaces of the website-project – Werftraum -, temporary floors, site-specific places, the Public, International Festivals and Events, Radio Interviews, Books and Publications, Essays, Open Studio, appointed situations and the process of organisation and curation of public performance art projects/events

Werftraum Atelier, Braunschweig Germany

Manmeet Devgun – Delhi -India

Manmeet Devgun is a Delhi-based performance and lens based artist. She has exhibited her work as part of numerous group shows across Delhi, and Vienna, Berlin, and Madrid among other places. She did a solo project, I dont’ need your help ,Abadi Art Space( 2011) ,Delhi. Her work as a performance artist is closely linked to her own life and life-situations, often foregrounding key feminist concerns. She has performed as part of Khoj Live 2008; Regional Arts and Performance Events (R.A.P.E.) Guwahati, 2012; KNMA, 2012; School of Art and Aesthetics-JNU, 2013; Live Art Lab, Bangalore, 2014; Illicit Bodies,Bengluru,2014; and Kolkata International Performance Arts Festival,2014 & 15; Der Langest Tag,Zurich 2015-. She was also on the 2012 shortlist for the prestigious Skoda Prize. She is the recipient of Pro Helvetia Research Residency 2015.2016:Dhaka Art Summit, Co-curator KIPAF;2017- Festival of stories,Bengluru; JNU,School of arts & aesthetics;Fooduu Festival,Bangalore ;2018- Srinagar Biennale Basel-Bangalore chapter and Basel chapter;2018- Punjab Panorama; 2019 The mother’s studio,as part of Five million incidents; 2019 ‘Art maharaj in the hills:a project’ initiated a short performance art residency at HHAS,Morni Hills

She is a trial poet,school teacher and a single mother, surviving the everyday war zone. She loves to day dream and dance. And she lives her life on her own terms.

Oliver Connew- New Zealand/Germany

Oliver from New Zealand live and Work in Berlin Germany

My artistic work is motivated by a desire to spend much of my time dancing and a willing sense of social and political responsibility. In this way, my choreography asks: What’s Dance Got To Do With It?

I have lived and worked in Berlin since 2013.

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